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Beban96 is my nickname that i am using in all sorts of internet media, my real name is Igor Ivanovic.

What's your hobby?

I am game designer (2d and 3d games) from Serbia I'm attending third grade of high school.

Is everything on this site, what you made so far?

No of course, not even close, I made various works and designs that are just not finished, that are maybe not going to be realesed even as demo or game stage (i'ts just prototype or something).

What softwares are you using for designing and what type of programm languages are you using?

I'm usng Blender 3d and Game Maker 2d software (...and Unity 3d for so short time) and unfortunately, I'm not really good with programm languages because I am looking always for some other way to make something without languages like logic bricks in Blender and D&D feature in Game Maker (I really hope I will learn even basics as soon as possible).